1745 Hwy 12 Vidor, TX - History - vidor, TX
Maze of Terror - We Love screamers
Our  residents   believe that our visitors' needs are of the utmost importance. Our  goal  is to make  you pee your pants.  As a result, You may need to bring extra clothing. We want repeats and referrals.
Remember  scream all you want.
The Story:  In 2002 Dena Tobleman decided to have a garage haunt for her son's birthday party. She began setting it up and enlisted the help of Jim Denson (The Caretaker). The haunt filled the whole 2 car garage and scared lots of kids and their parents. The next year the garage haunt spilled out into the driveway and scared even more people. Later that year our dear friend Dena found out she had stage 4 cancer. So, of course for the 3rd year of the birthday  haunt Jim did all the work as Dena was battling her cancer with chemo. As he does everything else, big, the garage haunt got even bigger. The haunted birthday party was always a big success but Dena decided it was time to do something a little less complicated for birthday parties. So, for the next 3 years the haunt was moved to the little league football field as a fundraiser for VPIFA. (Dena was a big sports enthusiast) It was a great success! However, Jim decides no more haunting. (he spends way too much money on it!) Then along comes Brian Thompson(Grounds Kreeper) telling Jim he has a building the haunt can be made in. Of course Jim agrees to work in a partnership with Brian. In 2010 the haunt is called The Maze of Terror and was located on Hwy 12 in Vidor, Texas and got  to stay open multiple nights. So here we  are, and the Maze of Terror is going strong and growing bigger.  Now In 2013 The Maze of Terror is located at  it's final resting place . 1745 Hwy 12,Vidor Tx . We Love Screamers!!!
In Loving Memory of Dena Tobleman
9-20-1960 to 3-29-2008
1745 Hwy 12 
vidor, TX 77662
Hours: -   Open Sept 26'th  27'th 
  Every Fri  Sat in Oct  : Dark -till  Open When it gets dark around 7:45 we close when we close! So get there don't wait. 
 Thurs  30'th  dark till 10.pm  Halloween 31'st -Sat nov'1'st  Pitch Dark  1 glo stick per group 

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